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Transformation in Portraits

As a portrait photographer who routinely asks people to step in front of my camera, one of the most vulnerable places I think a woman can feel, I believe it’s important to be photographed often myself so I can empathize with my clients when I raise the lens. And, I am. I photograph myself all the time. I am a master of the self-portrait. I know how to style my hair and do my makeup so it photographs well. I know my good angles and my light. Where I struggle is releasing control of all that and trusting someone else to see and capture me.

I think it’s important in our growth to exist a bit outside our comfort zones, so I challenged myself to be photographed by another photographer – to give up control and trust another person.

I booked a photoshoot with Kara Marie in Austin, TX, a woman whose mission, approach, and art I admire deeply. Her photoshoot experience includes hairstyling and makeup application, which meant that not only would I have to trust her to photograph me, I would also have to release control over my hair and makeup (I did my own hair and makeup even for my wedding so this was big)!

The day of the photoshoot I felt excited and ready. I’m a wife, a Mom, and a business owner. My typical day is about serving and nurturing the people who rely on me. But, the afternoon of the photoshoot it was about me. I felt so special having my hair and makeup done, and I loved the way it looked. Kara is such an easy person to connect with, that standing in front of her camera felt effortless, relaxed, and so much fun!

When I saw my final gallery I was speechless. I still struggle to articulate how good I feel when I look at my portraits and how she captured me. I love that I will always have them as a reminder of the time that I let myself relinquish control and place my trust in another person, and I am so glad I did! I will never underestimate or take for granted the amount of trust and courage it takes my subjects to stand before my camera, and I am grateful every day for the honor it is when they do. 


As a portrait photographer, protecting the health and safety of my clients is my number one priority. With that in mind, I've temporarily relocated my studio outdoors.

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