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Guest Post by Melanie ~ Sarah Hinchey, Boston Portrait Photographer

I have been working with Sarah for over a year now to photograph our family and to capture the journey of my pregnancy through the first birthday of our baby boy, Jackson. From the minute that I spoke with Sarah, I knew I wanted to work with her to create a lasting memory of this time in our lives of bringing a new baby into the world. She completely understood my vision for the maternity shoot and the sentimental importance of making it all happen at our home. She worked with us on wardrobe for everyone and found the perfect settings inside our home and outside in our yard to take our photos. She listened to my fears and worries about being photographed and eased my concerns throughout the process. All of my worries were gone when we went for our viewing appointment and saw the amazing photographs she took of us. She captured the essence and beauty of my family in every single image.

After the baby was born, we went to Sarah’s studio for the newborn shoot. It was the perfect setup – dark and warm with a sound machine playing in the background. The perfect environment for a sleeping baby. We were quite nervous about how everything would go, but Sarah took the baby and worked her magic with him. She did everything. She posed him with various props and backdrops, focusing on every tiny detail, all the while keeping him happily asleep. We were amazed at the results from our newborn session. The images she captured of our newborn were absolutely perfect and timeless.

Sarah came to our home for our six-month shoot, which was wonderful because we did not have to go anywhere. Jackson was just barely sitting up on his own and had a very short attention span, so we were worried about how the session would unfold. But, with Sarah’s expertise and guidance on wardrobe, setting, and placement configuration, we were finished with the entire session in an hour which was the perfect amount of time for our little one. We did not think that Jackson smiled once, but much to our surprise during the viewing appointment, Sarah had captured numerous smiles during the session.

Sarah truly has a gift. She is an incredible talent. She takes beautiful photos that are a statement piece on their own. But, our sessions with her are so much more than that. She listens to our needs and understands our vision. She knows our family and she knows our home. She even helped me find the place in my home for a wall gallery to display our framed photographs. Sarah is the total package. From planning the perfect setting and wardrobe, to making everyone feel comfortable throughout the photo session, to creating an unforgettable portrait viewing session, we always know we are in excellent hands with Sarah and we treasure the memories that she has created for us.