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Guest Post by Cara ~ Sarah Hinchey Maternity and Newborn Photographer

I came across one of Sarah’s maternity photos on Facebook while searching for a new maternity/newborn photographer during my third pregnancy. As soon as I saw this photo I crossed my fingers and toes hoping that Sarah would be available. I quickly sent an inquiry and then got lost on her website and facebook page looking at all of her stunning work. It is the way that Sarah makes a photograph look like art that captured me.

Our first session with Sarah was a maternity session. The booking, planning, etc. was a breeze. Sarah is simply the sweetest and as accommodating as you would want anyone to be when you are looking to capture such an important part of your life. We have now done four sessions with her and for me, the most important thing that Sarah does that differentiates herself from others is that she has a way of beautifully capturing the personality and intricacies of her subjects. She will leave a stray strand of hair because it more accurately reflects the two year old and her unruly personality.

Sarah also has a way of connecting with people when she is photographing them which makes them comfortable and therefore results in wonderful photographs.

Each time we have turned up to view the finished product in her studio we are in awe and both me and my husband have been on the verge of tears looking at her work. The way in which she presents the work is unique and personal and done in such a way to help you make the right decisions when choosing product.

As I type this I worry that my words do not speak highly enough of Sarah’s talent and commitment to what she does which is so clearly reflected in her work. She is so incredibly talented and I cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience she creates. She always helps you to make the right decisions for you and your family and your budget.